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In case you know somebody who can solve the issue 

I just posted a 50 USD bounty to solve the issue of Remote terminal timing out on local display  in Kiosk mode with no way to refresh locally except connecting a keyboard 


I have mounted a Pi with 7 Inch  touch display which displays the VRM in House ( mainly to check SOC , Fuel level and start stop generator ). Since the  VRM times out  the moment remote VRM is used by me( on tablet /PC)  the wife and kids cannot access it except power cycling  the pi ( Bad in long term) or I have to Login with VNC and use keyboard shortcuts to reboot the Pi 




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The VNC server that is built into Qt4 (the library used in the gui) can only handle one connection. It doesn't even have password capability out of the box, the good guys at Victron patched that in! When a new connection is received, the previous one is disconnected. It's a feature that was originally meant to help people with development, but found another use here. To make matters worse, there is nothing like this in Qt5, so the upgrade path is going to be a hard one. Fixing it is not going to be an easy task. I even tried defining two drivers (so I can have two VNC servers on two ports) but that was a failure too. Long story short: It's not specific to Venus, it's a QT problem.

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