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LED driver / light units faulty, help needed


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good evening forumites!
a 20w led floodlight of mine ceased working - prior to dying it would light up very dim. i figured the driver must have burned out or something. see image of the backside of the driver.
or the fault could be in the led light arrays, see the one with the dark speck.
where could i get a new driver if the fault is there?
in Christ

led array possible damage.jpg

driver back heat damage.jpg

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One of my LED's also died the other day , when I opened it up , I was lucky to see a little label that showed the voltage of the psu - it was between 16 and 32v. Finally I could go and dig into all those old PSU's that I have kept for some many years!! I found a HP printer PSU that had a 26 v on it. Soldered that into it. with the psu now outside and sofar so good.

Maybe worth a shot to see I you can figure the voltage as it seems they are DC. 

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14 minutes ago, PaulF007 said:

I was lucky to see a little label that showed the voltage of the psu

yes @PaulF007, i googled about the drivers and it seems all led lights work on dc. the driver unit apparently supplies them with the right voltage as their temperature in/decreases; as can be seen the unit in my case has an output voltage of between 22v and 43v - i doubt very much if i have a psu in my 'collection' which can equal that.

led driver front with specs.jpg

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Ah the same as mine. Well a old laptop psu could also do the trick baybe it is worth looking at some pawn shops as they sometimes have stuff like that at low prices. Only thing is if the PSU is too big it will need to be outside that fitting. Then there is the obvious cost of repair vs replace ;)


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For all your LED supplies, David is your man. Don't know him personally, just got some good service over the years. Especially if you have a 24V system, these little buck converters are perfect to step the voltage down to whatever the lamp needs, then just drive them from your battery bank. What I like about those is you can turn the voltage up to get the light level you want without going full-out, which also helps the LEDs.

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hi @plonkster, that link to david is impressive! i don't know much about electronics but it is surely great to look at, like in a good hardware store :)

my system is 48v but i will try and repair the unit in order to give me a portable lighting solution with a lead on a stand, say for outdoor braai or working outside at night etc - even if i cant repair the unit, prices in david's shop make it worth the while to built from scratch! 

thanks for the link!

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