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Cycle Stop Valve - water pump system


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whilst configuring the water-supply from my rainwater tank to the house via a pressure tank, i googled [how else?] the existence of the "cycle stop valve / csv" [see also youtube]. this gadget seems to have a good influence on a- the pump longevity and b- the 'constancy' of water pressure inside the house.

anyone here know about this?

i see the prices are quite steep as these units are imported, so the question does arise if it is worth it.

waiting for your 2 cents worth

enjoy the rain in ct!

in Christ


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Are you talking about a pump flow controller?

Many years back the pumps worked with a pressure tank. Pressure in the tank was maintained with a rubber bladder and the pump was controlled from a pressure switch.

The newest systems does away with the pressure tank and you just have this big blue egg that sits on the pump outlet. It works on flow and pressure, giving you much better control over the pump.


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thanks @Wetkit, i have two pumps, one with a pressure switch and pressure tank and one [smaller] with a controller but without a tank. both will be up and running soon and i'll let you know how it goes.


after doing some research and making a call i'll get rid of the tank and install auto pressure controls on both pumps - i had a spare controller.

this will save on space.

i was also advised to get rid of the non return valve at the pump inlet as the controller has its own non return at the outlet. regarding pump inlet [suction side] this article is very interesting and concurs re having stuff on the suction side http://www.michael-smith-engineers.co.uk/resources/useful-info/suction-pipeline-design

getting a auto pump controller at <zar800 beats getting a pressure tank for about zar3000 as well as a pressure regulator at about zar600 :)


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