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This is what an electric solar vehicle can do!


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A man will travel from India to the UK using a self-built solar electric vehicle. He wants to spread awareness about green transportation. This electric vehicle can run 80 km when charged for 8 hours and 25 Km when exposed to the sunlight for 5 hours. The total distance travelled will be 10000 km.

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51 minutes ago, Sidewinder said:

I wish we could do a 18650 group buy!  

It would take 1170 of these cells to build a Trojan T-105RE equivalent for approx R20k + parts + labour.

So this project is started........

So I need 1165 more.!! Single quantities gladly accepted:D


What do the 18650 cost at your overseas source? How many Ampere?

what about other battery sizes?

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Prices do vary. The above youtube source groupbuy was at $1.24 per cell. BoB have 4200mA cells @ R12!, but they are Ultrafire, who does not have a good reputation. (i.e. fake, not 4200 mA capacity etc. Would not want to buy locally and shipping overseas has been a problem since airline ban on lipo shipping.

I used 2500 mAh per cell capacity in above calc, with 225 Ah total capacity.

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