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Good day every one


Im sure this question has been asked but can’t find any feedback on the forum sorry.


Im dew for a new battery bank 48v and im looking at all my options even silver calcium battery’s


I have saved R20 000 so far and im struggling to decide what I should get can you help please.


I currently have 170 a/h gel deep cycle batteries but not sure if I must get them again.


I can get the TROJAN T-105 6v 225A/H batteries new for R2000.00 INCL VAT EACH all the rest are far more but lower amp rating.


I don’t mind paying more if it’s a better quality battery with the same amp rating or better what do you all think?


Thank you

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6v batteries are easier to carry :-) Imagine how heavy it would be if it was a 12V 225Ah battery! Other than that there really is no difference, it's just packaging.

The T105RE is designed for renewable energy applications and does 1600 cycles to 50%. The plain T105 you talk about is only rated for around 1200 cycles or something like that. Still a good battery if you can get it at the right cost. Thing is, the Trojans make gas and have to be maintained. It's a completely different ball game to sealed and/or gel batteries. They are good value,  in terms of what you pay per storage unit, in fact they are very hard to beat, but you'll have to make the call.

If 170ah doesn't make it through the night I'm not sure 225 is going to be much better :-)

If you can get the R105RE for a little more (say, at R2200 or so), go for those instead.

Also, don't know what inverter you have, but remember that the Trojan's have a higher absorb voltage and in daily cycling with our favourite Taiwanese inverter it will present a caveat or two.

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