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Axpert 5kva Inveter 48v dosent respond to change switch command from Grid to Battery or either it locked on bypass.


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Hi Expert,

I need some help or advice with my inverter not responding to command on either any of the application ICC/solarpower/watchpower any more , It stock on bypass via Utility unless I switch off the main feed breaker then it goes to SOL/battery mode. 

I did check if any fault alarm is blinking and I found nothing.  DOes this mean that my unit is faulty or something? Please do let me know if you require more information or advice on any reputable certified company that can check the system health for me.  

Many Thank in Advance.




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I believe that the delay is 10 minutes, though there are signs that it once was 1 minute. I'm trialling a patch to do this, [ edit: i.e. make the delay 1 minute again ] but my first attempt resulted in 8 seconds. That could cause excessive relay operation with a load like an induction cooker that switches on and off every half minute or so.

At a friend's suggestion, I doubled the constant and ended up with a 1 minute delay. Mission accomplished? I'm concerned that I can't figure out why the changes aren't behaving as expected, possibly leading to unexpected consequences, so I'll think about it before releasing that patch. 

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