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Axpert 5kva with Sonic gel batteries settings


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Hi all,

I need some help with my Axpert inverter settings for my Sonic NPS 100-12 batteries.

My setup is as follows:

9 x Renesolar 300w panels

1 x Axpert 5kva inverter 48v

16 x Sonic Gel (12v 100ah each) batteries (4 stings of 4)

1 x Battery monitor BMV702

My current settings on my Inverter are as follows:

1 - SbU

2 - 10a

3 - UPS

4 - 5d5 disable

5 - AGM

6 - Ltd disable

7 - ttd disable

9 - 50hz

11 - 10a

12 - 49v

13 - 56v

16 - OSO

18 - bON

19 - tEP

20 - LON

22 - AON

23 - bye enable

25 - FEN enable

26 - 56.4v

27 - 54.0v

28 - SIG

29 - 42.0v

30 - ONE

31 - SbE enable

Now my question.......

What must setting 2, 5, 11, 26, 27 set to?
According to my batteries I believe it must be set to:
2 - 40a
5 - USE
11 - 25a
26 - 57.6-59.6
27 - 54.4-55.2
is this correct?
See picture of batteries 



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Initial current of 25A would translate to 100A  over 4 strings of batteries. So this may take a bit of management on your part.

Program 2 100A.

Porgram 5 USE

Program 11 60A.

Program 26 57.6V

Program 27 54.4V

Program 16 SNU

Program 1 UTI (for early morning as the sun gets up).

Now your  battery manufacturer expects 100A initially and the only way to achieve that is to combine utility and solar. As soon as the charging rate drops to what the panels can cover one would switch off the utility.

I have seen a couple of the AGM/Gel manufacturers recommend a high initial charging rate but have yet to find the reason for this.


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  • 1 year later...

I think it moves around the gel in the battery there is term for it...slipped my mind. I am running gel batteries AllGrand, and bulk charge at 58.8 volts, float charge at 54.4, and dod is at 44 volts. User set up...

I have chosen SBU, and run my pool pump and geyser of it with 12 panels, and two strings 150 AH, 48 volt set up...thus far I have managed to stay of the grid for 22 hours, two hours is just to keep the electricity company going...

Will be going Lithium PylonTech 9 KWH set up...

Busy testing the difference in all of these things...

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