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Inverter issue


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20 minutes ago, BUTCH said:

My inverter work fine then beeped and now only shows its on baterry power although it is connect to the wall outlet. Is there a reset or what do i need to do to get it to charge


Unfortunately you do not state your inverter model, and wether you are using pv.  At least the fact that it is in battery mode, says that there is not a major fault in the dc and ac power chain. And also there is no error. 

Can you drive loads at themoment, i.e. Is there 220vac available at the output? 

You can cold start your machine by switching the inverter off by button or switch, wait till the output ac goes to zero, then remove battery power and mains, and pv if you have pv. Then switch it on by connecting battery, then mains,and operate the on button. 

Let us know. 



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