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Felicity Solar LPBF48250 PV Wake up line


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Good day all, 

Currently busy installing my panels, inverter, and battery. I was hoping for some help/guidance. I have a felicity solar LPBF48250 which I am going to connect to my Growatt SPF 5000 ES inverter. What's confused me is this "PV wake up line" that's come with the battery. I'm not sure where and how to connect it.

The manual says it's for off grid applications (which I am). It says the PV wake line needs to be connected to the MPPT charge controller if the battery pack is charged by solar panels only. 

The Growatt inverter has a built in MPPT, and it has a PV input. So I'm not sure where I would wire this in? Do I even use this cable since the charging would be handled by the inverter itself? 

I also have a backup generator I will run to supply power to the house and charge the battery when there's no sunlight here, so does that affect anything? Thanks so much in advance for the help guys.

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1 minute ago, Islander said:

So I can leave this PV wake up line disconnected and just go ahead and connect the battery and the inverter with the Comms cable then? 

What a beauty, really good-looking battery and considering the price that I saw on a few suppliers, for 12 Kw nothing in the market compares with it.

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Thanks guys, really appreciate the help. I'm quite lucky with this battery and want to treat it as such. What protocols do you guys recommend I choose on the Growatt for the felicity solar battery? Not sure which one to go with. And thanks, I will look at settings 12 and 13 and configure them as percentages.

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Growatt with Felicity battery
Select Li battery at parameter 05 and set the parameter 36 (protocol) to 04.
Battery dip switches: 1 and 5 ON.
Network cable: pins 1 and 2 from the inverter side to be connected to 5 and 6 at battery side.

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I configured it as you described, now when I switch the Growatt on, the fault light flashes four times while it pings, then it seems to carry on as normal. AC/inverter light flashing. The inverter is only connected to the battery, no loads connected to it, neither are my panels.

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For the BMS to work you will need to make up a cable as per the pin layout, else it won't communicate.
If you can't get the BMS comms going than it's best to revert to USE mode and set all your parameters according to the batteries specifications and the Battery BMS will control the charge.

Lots of downloads on their website and also contact info directly with the manufacturer

Also have a look at this thread https://diysolarforum.com/threads/need-help-with-felicity-lithium-battery.41154/

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42 minutes ago, Islander said:

where does one find this information? Or you know this from experience?

I was considering one, so I started doing some homework and found some useful info. Was also in contact directly with the company. 
Shelved the idea for now but am convinced it's still a reasonable buy.
Just for info for others that are also interested in this battery type. I enquired and got the following info from Felicity.
They have three Li ranges
LFPBA guaranteeing >6000 cycles
LFPBF 3000-6000 cycles at 80% DOD
LFPBR around 3000 cycles.
Whoever imported them to SA seems to only have brought the LFPBF series

This is from one of their sales people

I recommend you to choose LPBA48200 or LPBF48200-M.
LPBA48200(48v 200ah 10kwh): 7 Years warranty, 6000 cycle. CATL cell.

LPBF48200-M(48v 200ah 9.5kwh): 5 Years warranty, 6000 cycle. CALB cell.

LPBF48250(48v 250ah 12.5kwh): 5 Years warranty, 6000 cycle. BYD cell.

They do have a local rep for their products too if you really need to contct them.

Name: Bruce

Whatsapp: +27 78 616 1247

Email: [email protected]

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2 hours ago, Antonio de Sa said:

What a beauty, really good-looking battery and considering the price that I saw on a few suppliers, for 12 Kw nothing in the market compares with it.

Because not many suppliers use grade B cells in their products, most available is South Arica seems to be the model LPBF which mostly use grade B cells.

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Was not aware of the Grade B cells - seems my research was not thorough enough. In any case, followed the instructions from @zsde and I seem to have the inverter and battery communicating now. Will continue to post updates regarding the installation for anyone in my situation in the future. My first time attempting anything like this. I decided to DIY when the quote to install only my solar panels (8 X Canadian solar 600W) was around R27,000. So this has been quite the learning experience.

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