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Sunsynk 5kw + which battery?


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Hey All,

Im looking to buy a ~5kw hybrid inverter and ~5kw lithium battery.

I like the idea of hybrid inverters because I work from home so I can have aircon load on mains and the rest of the loads on solar/battery.

Im looking at either the Sunsynk 5kw with Hubble AM-2 @5.1kwh or with the Sunsynk battery @5.5kwh

Is one battery better than the other? I see you get 10 year warranty if you get a Sunsynk battery with the inverter. Is there another combo in the same price point that is better value?

Im not looking to spend Victron money, my house is very power efficient and I use around 8-11kw a day depending on summer or winter.

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I can whole heartedly say that you wont go wrong with a Hybrid inverter. I've been running a Sunsynk 8kw for the last 18months now and have had no issues with it. When it's hot and the sun is out my aircon actually runs off the solar, so depending on your solar array you may be able to do the same. Even if your aircon is on the unprotected circuit it will still benefit from the solar.

Battery wise, I can only give you my experience with Pylontech. It has been great, they are really great batteries. I've heard good things about Hubble. I didn't have a chance to use the Sunsynk batteries as I installed my system before they were on the market. But since they are the manufacturers preferred battery probably can't go wrong with those.

If you shop around you will see that most batteries are at a very similar price point per kwh. It's somewhere in the region of R7k per KWH.

Good luck with your install!



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4 hours ago, GreenFields said:

I see Hubble has started advertising their newer AM-5 battery with unlimited cycles within the 10-year warranty period. Just saying.

I looked at the AM-5 and it shows that the BMS will measure cycles and warranty was for 10 years with 6000 cycles at 80%DoD, but then on the Hubble website it pops up a message about unlimited cycles... so maybe its a special or something? 

What I dont really get is that the AM-2 is a 5.5kwh battery and the AM-5 is a 5.12kwh battery, both can do 1C and both can handle high temps. I cant really see much benefit in the AM-5 which is at least R5-8k more expensive per battery from my research. I might be missing something though, its been a while since I looked into solar!!

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Only saw it on Facebook myself about the warranty.

Supposed to be different battery chemistries, warranty for 3000 cycles on the AM-2, and 6000 on the AM-5, but now unlimited cycles in the 10-year warranty period.

Don't know about the science, and I get that it's an on-cost, just from a customer point of view with higher stages of loadshedding turning power off 2-3 times a day, the cycle life would be one thing less to worry about, and I reckon they're hoping people like me find it a major selling point.



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