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Enclosure for outside installation of luxpower inverters


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hi all


So i've had a very bad start to my pv journey. Long story short, i picked THAT installer who actually knows nothing, did poor quality work and fried a 5kw luxpower inverter and a cfe battery. i took the loss and replaced with the help of some upstanding members of the luxpower community.


One of the leftovers of the initial bad installation is a custom-built enclosure which is really a backyard flimsy sheet metal mess up that prevent heat dissipation without preventing dust ingress, the doors don't fit and can't stay closed and isnt deep enough to allow for 2 batteries in back-to-back config. My installation is under a steel carport structure, so i only need to protect the equipment against dust and rodents and sinc eit visible form the street thieves who may want it, plus i need to get the heat out.

I don't want to remove and refit the equipment, so im looking for an enclosure i can place over the 2 inverters, breaker/fuse boxes and keto switch, while extracting heat with fans and good airflow. ill get exact measurements but im guessing ill need a 1.4 m wide, 1.2m high and 0.3m deep enclosure if i store my batteries separate. if i include the batteries, the hight becomes an impossible 2.1m.


given the financial losses already suffered, i dont have endless pockets. there are a few server racks available second hand on junkmail which gives me the height, but not the width (id have to place 2 next to each other and cut out the back frame). it solves the heat extraction problem though.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

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