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LCD screen blank on Kodak OG-Plus 5.48 with Kodak FL5.2 battery - unable to restart inverter


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Current system had been working for a year. System appears to of tripped and i am unable to restart Inverter(LCD screen is blank).

Power to Inverter is OFF.

Battery lights - attached below

Not sure how I can have a Green operating light whilst having a red alarm led unless this is referring to the fact that the inverter is not detected.

Attempts to restart Inverter have not resulted in lcd even coming on.

what i tried is as follows:

  1. "to inveter" is down, db
  2. INverter switched off
  3. Battery switched on, LED as attached
  4. Press black button on battery 3 secs, should battery lights change at this point to burn solid to indicate discharge?
  5. switch inverter on

Any advice would be appreciated.






kodak batt.png

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