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New to the forum.

I don't know if this topic has been covered.

I would like to know what the correct fuse to use for the HA-02.It's a new 12v x 4(180ah) Omnipower bank.

Optimizing current 0-10amps and the Quiescent Current 5ma's.

Would it be safe to say the draw won't be more than 10amps between batteries as it is new and I will be safe with a 5amp fuse?

if the Quiescent Current is 5ma's, can it be even lower(the fuse)?

It will be connected to the 4kw Axpert and the load will be lighting for now.


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I did not add fuses. I have one HA02 connected to four batteries. Remember that the voltage difference between batteries will at maximum be a volt or two with a maximum of 10A - so 20W or so. For the most part voltage differences will be in the millivolt range, less than 10W not the stuff of nightmares. The HA02 is a sealed unit and I am sure contains some protection. Perhaps I am being naive. If I was using one HA02 on two battery strings I would fuse the interconnects between the two strings as now one has more interplay than just the HA02.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for the advice.I wanted to add an individual voltage display (attached)

to each battery as well as the HA02.Would it not be wise to add it then as it is two devices across terminals?

Another question is why monitor midpoint and not individual battery voltages or is that an expensive route?

If you are monitoring temp, are you using something like this -https://home-assistant.io/docs/installation/raspberry-pi-all-in-one/

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-13 at 09.48.18.jpeg

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I have voltmeters like that. I replaced the wiring with something a bit thinner and am basically relying on the wiring being the fuse. One of the voltmeters developed a short and the soldered wire came unstuck.There is probably more need to fuse the voltmeters than the HA02. The voltmeters at a glance give you all the information you need. The BMV can log the data so you know how much for how long but for on the spot monitoring the voltmeter is good. 

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