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Earth leakage mistery

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Hi everyone,

Firstly my wishes of many blessings for 2023 to everyone. Now this question I do not think falls with inverters, as it also flows over to the electrical Main Db board - So I installed a 3Kw Sinerjy Hibrid with 2 100Ah batteries. I split my DB boards as expected. The plugs that I want on essential and the lights all works perfectly, except one section of the upstairs area. 

I am pretty happy with this installation, as during loadshedding I found that when the contractors installed my new kitchen island with induction plates, they tapped into my deck pool line, resulting in my pool pump running of the batteries during LS!! This said, I made a quick change to that, but the grid handled the pool pump with ease!!

Any way, this my mistery...... The upstairs circuit of lights works perfectly on the Eskom grid, but the moment I connect it to the Essential sub Db, the earth leakage trips on the sub DB. I have isolated the correct neutral wire and connected this before the Sub DB's E/L, yet it trips when I switch the breaker on. 

Again, when connected to the Main DB, it works perfectly.

I am seriously puzzled and hope someone can help me solve this mistery please.

Thanks everyone.



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