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Any good (responsive) Victron installers in the Cape?


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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend good installers in Cape Town? I've been looking at getting a system installed starting with just a battery and inverter, expanding to solar later on. I'm decided on Victron for the remote monitoring, etc. 

Six weeks after putting out feelers, out of about 8 companies contacted, I have only 1 quote (where the margins on their hardware did not meet my willingness to pay) and the rest have simply dropped off without any responses (so I cannot even compare the one quote to anything). I know things are busy for these folks due to loadshedding, but it's a little shocking how much you have to beg SA companies to take your money sometimes. Does no-one use a CRM tool to track calls and emails? 

I've also had two generalist installers/electricians tell me outright they don't support Victron installations, they primarily do Sunsynk "due to superior support".  Is my quest a lost cause?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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I wish I could help you guys, but unfortunately many guys shy away from Victron because it's a premium high costing product range & it's pool of consumer share is dropping as the Chinese get more & more of a grip on the Global & local market. 

I am Joburg based & yes guys, 2023 has started with a massive bang & don't expect too many installers to be accomodating because their teeth are stuck into many projects. However, a quality installer or company should at least reply & give you a date they may be able to assist. 

Commercial projects especially starting to gain a lot of traction. The year of the High Voltage Commercial solar projects is upon us. Happy 2023 Chaps. I hope you get sorted. I could assist if you were in Gauteng 😞

I am already booked up until mid Feb officially & unofficially until June pending a large commercial project starting. 

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