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Axpert mks 4kva


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1 hour ago, ebrsa said:

You will find @Coulomb 's latest patched firmware at the following link.

Be aware that the patched firmware is for the Axpert 5 kVA (4 kW) models only. @jaber, perhaps you meant 5 kVA or 4 kW in your original post. If you meant the 3.2 kW (4 kVA) model, then the patched firmware *will not work*. It is full of assumptions about the hardware being capable of 5 kVA operation, so even if the firmware loader accepted the patched firmware (hopefully it would not), it would not work, and then you would not be able to revert to factory firmware.

Firmware files seem to be harder and harder to get these days, but if you need them, your supplier should be able to get you a suitable firmware file.

I occasionally collect firmware for other models, but I don't have anything for the 3.2 kW model. The Czech site sometimes has firmware, but nothing since 2015 and I don't see anything for the 3.2 kW model. Sorry.

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