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How to connect inlet /cold water of a low pressure EV system


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Solar Water users? and gurus in the house 

How did you connect the inlet of the tank ( cold water )? 
Direct to Overhead tank, to the borehole, manually fill using a tap 

In my solar heater user manual ( Simba make 120 L - looks like made in China) the manual recommends all filling methods which are manual and the tank has overfill discharge outlet which means if I connect to water source the water will flow out from discharge outlet.

I also believe the tank and tubes can take max 0.7 bar operating pressure. In addition, the water when heated expands 3 to 5 % which means it needs space to go

The reason I am asking is I came across this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Automatic-water-control-valve-solar-water-heater-feeder-assistant-tank/1935638063.html

There is a single and double pipeline model 

The system I came across only fills at 0.5 bar and the overfill outlet has to be connected to the 2-foot pipe above water level. I believe the water coulm works as counter pressure stopping inlet water.

I intend to drain the tank from top outlet using a small 300 watt booster to match my house pressure of 2.5 bar

water 3.JPG

water 2.JPG

water 1.JPG

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I'm not familiar with this kind of setup. The low-pressure stuff we have here all have a small reservoir tank on the top, with a float-valve inside that reservoir tank. The cold water supply (typically much higher pressure) simply connects to the float valve in this reservoir. The float-valve thus acts like a pressure reducer. There is a safety/air-vent pipe attached to the top of the tank (the hot water part, not the reservoir on top), and this pipe stands taller than the reservoir. So everything basically fills up to the top of the reservoir and then the only pressure from there on is gravity.

Ideally, if you're going to attach mixers to that, then the cold water side should feed from reservoir and not from the high pressure cold water side. Otherwise you must use a traditional (by British standards) two tap setup.

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