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4 diffrent RE models in my house 200 Watt Wind turbine + BYD lithium

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Latest News from Tapeta street Home Project 

A more mechanically talented guy from my office helped me install ( actually he did the install I just watched � ) over two days this weekend the first wind turbine

I was also in parallel installing the BYD LIfepo4 batteries – 10 KWh 48 V

See video for turbine in operation - 

It is a cheap Chinese make horizontal axis wind Turbine rated 200 Watt /24 V DC connected to the drivers /maids room through an off grid setup of 3 KWH . It is also augmented by 800 watt of Solar PV 
Cut in Speed 2 m/s - rated 11 m/s - Installation location - 9.078 7.482 , 492 m+ 14 meters
weather history - https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=IABUJA3#history/tgraphs/s20171106/e20171106/mdaily

I have also on order a Vertical Axis 300 Watt wind turbine to compare. Will be installed next year 

Now I have Four different RE models running in the same house 

1. Pure Offgrid – 24 V DC Solar PV+ Wind – AGM batteries – 3KWH. 0.8 Kwp Solar
2. DC coupled Hybrid – Grid + Solar PV + Diesel, 48 V Flooded lead
acid , 20 KWh( 10 KVA peak) – 2.5 Kwp solar
3. AC coupled Grid Tie ( normally running in islanding mode daytime) - Solar PV +Diesel Hybrid + Micro Grid inverter
,Lithium batteries – 10 KWh ( 5 KW peak) , 48 V DC – 3 Kwp Solar
4. Solar thermal – 120 Litters EV tube water heater with PV Solar assisted 1.5 Kwp heater and
100 watt water boost pressure pump









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