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Starting from scratch. New house build.


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Asking for a friend in Langebaan.

The plans for a new house have been drawn. Two roof pitches facing NW for panels. The question is around future proofing in terms of the electrical wiring. What should be done to ease a later solar install at the distribution board? 

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5 hours ago, Chris Hobson said:

Two separate DBs with more space than you think you need.

Agreed. The main DB holds the main switch, earth leakage, and breakers for the geyser and stove (if applicable). Then a sub-DB that has the rest of the breakers for plugs and lights, with enough space for additional devices (you're going to need another earth leakage downstream later, quite likely). When the inverter comes later, it goes between the two DBs.

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Thanks for the input so far Chris and Plonkster. East West isn't going to happen mainly because the plans are done / submitted, also the house overlooks the lagoon and orientation on the sloping plot is fixed. Mrs. Friend has decided ;-) The way it's laid out now will also provide a walkway along the base of each pitch for easy cleaning of the panels.

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