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Bulk charging an float charging


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Hi guys,

I want to tickle your brains,maybe it will help me,

I have these batteries for approx 2 years now and so far they working good,only bad thing happend they were drained until 21.4v (3-4 times in June this year) I was not at home and was completely offgrid,but that was my previous setup on my Powerstar IR 3000,but they were still good and bulk charging was at 29.2 and float was at 27.4 (that was the setting on inverter AGM 2)

The batteries cycle use is 14.6V - 14.8V (25`c)

Standby use is 13.6 - 13.8V (25`c)

Tesuco RA12-200 [D,12V200AH/10HR

My new setup I have finished last weekend,replace almost everything except batteries and panels

But I have not seen on my Mecer/Axpert inverter go to 29.2V it goes to 28.2 for 2 sec and float on 27.2- 27.3 while on AC or PV charging and it stays there

anyone have the same problem?

attached is my setup


inverter 2.jpg

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