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Replacement of MKS Axpert 5K with Infinisolar 4K Super Inverters

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In my previous post I metioned that would replace my system to a grid tie system.

In May 2017 I purchased 2 x Infinisolar 4k Super units as well as an extra 12 x 255w solar panels.

I also sold my old Axpert units.

The system now consists of - -

1. 2 X Infinisolar 4K Super inverters in parallel.

2. 2 X (12 x 255w pv panels in series). One string for each inverter, 6120w in total.

3. 4 X 12v 180ahr batteries.

On a good sunny day I can produce about 35kwhrs combined out of both units and feed back to the grid.

Attached is a photo of the new installation.


There has been many probems with the infinisolar units and this is what I have experianced. :(

This has also been placed on " New Infini Super post".

 I purchased two infinisolar 4K super inverters in May 2017 to replace the  two axpert units I had to be grid tied.

They were installed in parallel and both units had 12 x 255w solar panels each in series as well as 4 x 12v 180ahr batteries.

Here is my experiance with them.

One lasted 10min. after installation. The dc circuit blew up.

Took both units in to supplier.

The manufacturer admitted to having problems with the dc circuit. 

Both units dc circuit boards were replaced after 3mth wait.

Before and after repair the units did not work correctly in parallel.

After a discussion with supplier after a week was given new firmware to install.

Units worked correcty for about 1mth with new firmware and the same units dc circuit blew up.

Took the faulty unit in and has been returned after 2mths.

The supplier has told me that I will have to bring back the units in the new year as the manufacturer is redesigning the dc circuit board and the old ones will need to be replaced.

The supplier has been very helpful however I do believe the manufacturer has marketed these units prematurely without testing them properly.

During this ordeal I have had 5 power failures without being able to use the units.


For me the investment for the units, solar panels and batteries have been a bust and I am just hoping the new dc circuit boards will solve all the problems I have experianced.


Infinisolar 4K Super a.JPG

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On 2019/03/31 at 8:14 AM, Johandup said:

Not available anymore.

Look at the City of Cape Town list of approved inverters before making a purchase.

Hi Johandup, when you say they are not available anymore, do you mean that production of this unit has stopped or that its just not on the CT list of approved inverters anymore?

The model is still listed on Voltronic's website and I still see it is available to purchase on various sites here in SA. Most of these sites don't hold stock and simply get the supplier to send it directly to the client as the orders come in.

The 4KW Super can now be purchased for about 12K which is very reasonable but makes we wonder why its come down so much in price.

Can anybody confirm if they have fixed the issues with this model that plagued it in the past?

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On 2020/11/19 at 4:29 PM, racemymotor said:

The 4KW Super can now be purchased for about 12K which is very reasonable but makes we wonder why its come down so much in price.

I was very surprised to see an ad for this model this week.  The price was R26k which is very high for what you get.

My Infini has been performing faultless for close to 3 years now.

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My Infini 3KW Plus stopped communication with the ICC about a month ago. The internal communication card appeared to have stopped working. The inverter itself still worked as before except it now couldn't receive or send values to ICC and I was not able to make any changes to the internal settings. I was quoted R2400 for the repair but the unit was 5 years old so I figured it was just a matter of time before something else went.

I know there have been issues with the 4KW in the past but it always seemed to happen when in parallel. My setup is simple and I'm already all setup with the ICC and an SDM630 energy meter that replacing it with a 4KW would be as simple as removing the one and replacing it with the other. When I saw the 4KW for sale for 12K I figured it to be a obvious choice. I've checked now and two stores are still adverting it for 12K.

The serial number indicated that is was manufactured in September 2019 so its a newer model. Lets hope this one does as well as my 3KW and lasts at least another 5 years.

I'll pull the communication card out of the old one and see if I can fix it myself, of get my father, who has a masters degree in electronics to take a look as well, and store it as a backup just in case.

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