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Borehole and Filterting System

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15 hours ago, McGuywer said:

Thank you, so it would be cheaper to base it on your low water usage.


Exactly. I disconnected municipal water years ago, and have now been hit with this charge based on stand size which hurts and offends me deeply. Next step is to process my own sewage and tell them to lump that charge also.

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First off - well done this system looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the design, its inspiring. It makes the project so much more approachable for all. You will reap the rewards for many years to come. 

Some design differences compared to your system on our borehole system which has delivered water to the house and one acre intensively landscaped garden and vegetable garden and my Mrs's nursery for many years now. 

1. I use a venturi on the Jojo tank inlet as well, this is only to add air to the water, air helps with oxidizing the iron to a more filterable form. The more air the better.(think of how awesome a drink from a berg river is - tons of air in that water)

2. I pump(using two large fish tank pumps) ozone and air into the tank for 12 hours a day via a diffuser stone/log, this is does two things for me - a. disinfection b, even more oxidizing, ozone is a very powerful oxident. 

3. I used Katalox light to filter iron and other impurities out. See here for complete systems. FilterShop.co.za Custom Water Systems | Reverse Osmosis | Water Filters. KATALOX LIGHT®. I made up my own 13x54 filter with an auto backwashing control head. FilterShop.co.za Custom Water Systems | Reverse Osmosis | Water Filters. KATALOX LIGHT® This has been working for more than 7 years(aprox). Being much lighter than Birm its uses less water and pressure to backwash, which means a smaller cheaper pump. I believe that Katalox light is a fantastic product and given its service life a very sound alternative. 

4. Someone raised pumping costs, especially for irrigation etc. Using a variable speed drive pump, although expensive initially, really pay long term. Of course if your power is solar and you pump on sunny days only(which mostly makes sense for irrigation) then perhaps its means less to one. But in our instance we chose to use a DAB Esybox pump to supply the home and irrigation systems. Its been very reliable(zero maintenance) and very cost efficient. There is almost no penalty for running partial loads(which make up almost all of your use, yet punches hard enough to backwash the 13x54 filter)  Esybox | DAB Pumps 

The best part of your and other systems like it is the water independence. In a town like mine that's priceless. 

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