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Without being able to see the scale it is tough to know what is going on, but my best guess is as follows;

  • The graphs are ICC output using SOC as measured by Axpert (based on battery voltage) and not Victron BMV (based on amps in/out)
  • Your batteries are at 100% with with very low other loads so PV output is low,
  • You have a load which is cycling at regular intervals (like a pump or fridge compressor),
  • When the load kicks in the MPPT is unable to respond fast enough so the batteries are initially supplying the power required,
  • As the battery current increases your battery voltage drops,
  • The drop in battery voltage is reported by Axpert as a drop in SOC (which is nonsense),
  • The MPPT then starts to pick up the slack, by which time the pump/compressor has either stopped naturally or stalled because it is too high for the inverter.

If the load is running as it should then there is nothing to worry about.

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