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Greenrich Up5000 and Growatt 5000TL-HVM in parallel


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I'm struggling to get the batteries to work properly with the inverters on Li protocol 02. The Li sign is on, both inverters are connected and the setting 28 (address) is 1 and the other is 2. The inverters are reading the SOC perfectly. I'm using the Rs485 to communicate. 

The problem comes to charging. If you go to setting 2 it shows the whole time 4A and the batteries are only charging at around 220watt.

Any ideas?

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If you are using Li Protocol, then the BMS populates certain Inverter settings and setting 2 is one of them.
If that is auto populated to 4A, then I suspect corruption in the comms, either incorrect protocol or possibly incorrect dip switch settings.
Were you provided with the Growatt Protocol regimen by the Battery manufacturer?

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Did you make up a cable or are you using a "one to one" standard LAN cable?
If you are using a standard LAN cable then you should be using the BMS CAN option which would be the preferred option, i.e. the Protocol 52. Your LAN cable should be in the BMS port on the Inverter.

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