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Growatt 5000es with Hubble AM2 BMS Interface


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I have done this installation my self although with an electrician to connect into the house.

I am having a problem with the BMS. Apparently Hubble to Growatt 5000es requires a specific cable PIN 4 & 5 connect directly but PIN 2 on the battery goes to PIN 6 on the inverter. The cable runs from CAN port on the battery to BMS port on the inverter. Battery is set to ID 1.

When I set the battery to Li in menu 5 and then the Protocol to 51 under Menu 36 I get an immediate error and the invert switches off.

I would be most grateful if someone could give me some direction here? I saw somewhere that Protocol 52 was used but I have not tried this.

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Thank you for your reply. I see you are active on the forum so don't doubt your advice. I wonder why Hubble are so specific about the ground wire from pin 2 to pin 6?

I will try Protocol 52 later. Do I need to down the complete system before changing the BMS cable and re-configuring?  

Thanks again.

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The ground pin shown on the Hubble site is for reference. It only uses the CAN-L and CAN-H for comms.
If it's interfacing correctly you will see that the program code 2, 19 and 20 will be auto set and you as a user cannot change it. 
If you have been using the LAN cable that came with the battery and didn't change it's wiring then that should have worked out of the box.
If you are going to use another standard LAN cable, then I recommend you shut down the battery and Inverter, do the BMS connection, start both up and apply Protocol 52. If no error 4 and 20 flash then the Li Protocol is working as it should.

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