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Fused box

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Hi all

I have a combiner box with one string the string in connected to 4 x 450watts solar panel.series and parallel as shown below

I am getting power coming out of the solar panel enough to run the system

The combiner box has a  12amp fuse 

When I put my multimeter below the fuse I get a reading of 91 volts when I test above the fuse I get 0.29 volts 

Can someone help me on how to calculate what fuse size I need as I feel the fuses are blowing but again I am not to sure on how to test them 



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The system has 3 x US2000 lithium batteries 

The inverter has warning mode 04 which meqns low battery I will waiting until I have 3 green light on the batteries to see if that is the problem at the moment it is on 2green lights but one is flashing so it is charging

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