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George Debbo

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Previously I had a grid-tied UPS system with a 5KW Inverter and had no problems in connecting the Conlog CIU to the prepaid meter in order to check and purchase units. Recently I have upgraded to an 8KW Deye grid tied Inverter with PV and the installation company did install a separate plug that is connected directly to the earth leakage trip switch on the municipal supply side of the Inverter. I am still unable to connect the CIU unit to the meter. The only way that I can get the unit to connect is to toggle the earth leakage trip (switch it off and then on again). However, I feel that this should not be the permanent solution as I am now required to trip all of our non-essential loads in order to check and purchase units.

I can also mention that when I switch off and then switch on the earth leakage trip, it takes the 8KW Inverter a minute to re-connect to the grid. It is during this time that I am able to connect the CIU to the meter.

I would appreciate it if anyone could assist me with a solution to the above problem.

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