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Settings: Please advise (Sacolar 5KW)


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Hi all and thanks for your help.

Sacolar 5kW inverter with panels.

Our load during the day ranges between 340-600W with peaks around 1500W. During the daytime he load is easily handled between the panels & batteries.

I want to have the above setup as the default so that I am "off-grid" during daytime.

I currently have the inverter set to: "SUB". At around 08:00-17:00 I change it to SBU to make sure I don't use utility at all during the day. This works 100% for us, even with loadshedding.

Currently I switch off the solar's circuit breaker around 17:00 and change SBU to SUB again to make sure the batteries are 80% or so charged prior to loadshedding starting at 18:00 as is the case now.

Our inverter has a setting at #49: "Utility charging time". In the description it says as follows: "the time allows utility to charge the battery. Use 4 digits to represent the time period, the upper two digits represent the time when utility start to charge the battery, setting range from 00 to 23, and the lower two digits represent the time when the utility and to charge the battery, setting range from 00 to 23." They then use as example.

I have set this to 1708 since I want it to start charging the batteries with utility at 17:00 and stop at 08:00 the next morning. For some reason it doesn't work. I have tried this with SUB and SBU but not SOL.

I will appreciate your time & advice.


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