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Hubble AM5 with CerboGX


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I have been reading a lot regarding the issues with Hubble batteries, particularly the AM2. So, I would like to share my experience thus far with the AM5 LFP battery.

While the battery seems to be working as it should. I have a few concerns surrounding the BMS and its integration with Victron products.

I am aware of 2 problems/issues which bother me.

Firstly, the BMS keeps reporting high voltage alarms when reaching full charge. I have been in touch with Hubble multiple times regarding the issue, but boy, its been a battle for them to provide any meaningful assistance. I have resorted to trying to troubleshoot and solve the problem by myself, because when I was told that my inverter is to small to charge the battery, I knew the kind of technical help I was receiving was not the best (I wrote to Victron about this, they suggested that the staff at Hubble go on training). Also, I have a Hubble cloudlink.

Then second. When reaching 100% SOC the difference between the MIN and MAX cell voltage is about 0.3V. Now I am not sure if that value is concerning.

My one attempt to solve the issue is to bypass the clouldlink and plug directly into the CAN port of the battery (read as Pylontech). This does at the face of it, start the cell balancing and balances nicely (within 0.01V). However, when grid is resorted, the BMS does not charge the battery. Charging is only initiated when I reconnect the cloudlink and I re-detect the battery on the Cerbo.

The SOC also only reaches 100% for about 30 minutes. Thereafter is displays 99%.

Hubble batteries run the PACE BMS. So I'm not sure they have full control over the BMS.


MIN_MAX cell voltage difference.jpg

Warning - High battery voltage (2).jpg

Cell balancing.jpg

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Hi, I have an AM-5 connected to a Luxpower LXP inverter. 

Installation was on 21 March 2023. Since then it always only reached 99% SOC. Installer said dont worry, I asked a 3rd party installer who said the same. 

I then Emailed Hubble, who also said it's fine, the BMS will call for it to charge to 100% to Balance the Cells once every 90 days. 

BUT, On Sunday, all of a sudden it shows 100% SOC. We've had a few Load shedding sessions since then and it runs as normal, then recharges from AC again to 100%. 

Seems there is a cycle, a certain amount of time on 100%, and another certain amount of time on 99%? 

If anything changes again, i'll update this post. 


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