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Axpert 5KVA MPPT Cut out


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I was just wondering if anybody have come across the problem where the MPPT / PV stop working.

I get the error H5 – Overheating or output shortage. Even with output ( 220 v ) off it does the same.

We have had much hotter days on the west coast this year so ca not understand why it would cut out now?

PV is 3200W and voltage measured is 82V at inverter. Could it be that the MPPT has gone?

Rest is working fine – Charge from eskom good.   ICC software report system at 60 degrees C

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On 22/02/2018 at 1:14 AM, Jacques1s said:

I get the error H5 – Overheating or output shortage.

There is no "H5" error code in an Axpert 5 kVA. I believe that what you are seeing is "HS", which is supposed to mean "MaSter" (with the 7-segment representation for "H" supposedly better suggesting a capital M than the actual implementation for "M"). Other non-digit codes are "SL" (SLave), "NE" (NEw, not yet master or slave), and "P1"/"P2"/"P3" for one of the three phases in a 3-phase setup.

Our patched firmware shows what we think is a better representation of "MS", to minimise confusion like this.

If you're seeing "H5" in some Voltronic Power stand alone charge controller's manual, they are not the same hardware, at least as far as the display is concerned. When part of an Axpert, the charge controller is completely controlled by the Axpert's Digital Signal Processor, including all error reporting. In fact, I don't see any fault codes that are specific to the MPPT section, which I agree is strange.

As for what is stopping your MPPT from charging, it must be something else. While it's possible that the MPPT has stopped working, I've not heard of a single case of that happening. More likely, it's some sort of settings issue.

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