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Axpert charge voltage


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Hi guys,

I have a 800W Axpert installed in my motorhome, to supply power for TV's and charge tablets and provide other entertainment for the kids. The Axpert is only connected to 220V (not solar) - so acts purely as a inverter, and not as a solar charger. It charges the batteries when on 220V. I have 4x 105AH batteries connected in parallel right next to the Axpert, with 16mm2 cables (so no voltage drop). My problem is this: When approaching full charge (or maybe in float stage, I'm not sure), the Axpert pushes the voltage on the batteries to 14.6V. This makes my Victron battery monitor squeel.

Is 14.6V ok? Are the batteries getting damaged? Should I change the alarm limit on the battery monitor? Or is there something wrong with the Axpert?



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3 hours ago, Etienne said:

pushes the voltage on the batteries to 14.6V

Depends on the type of battery. Most AGMs want to be pushed to 14.5V or thereabouts. Flooded batteries might ask for as much as 14.8V.

Change the alarm limit on the BMV. Set it to 14.9V or something that actually warrants some squealing :-)

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