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Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter not Charging from Grid


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Good Day

This week I have installed my Deye inverter with two Hubble batteries. PV will be installed next week.

However, when there is load shedding the inverter kicks-in and house operates as expected from DC system. However, after load shedding the batteries does not charge, reducing SOC from 100%, loadshedding, 84%, load shedding, 79%, etc. Current SOC is 47%

The attached images are from the Deye inverter screen setting, that shows the following:

01) - Latest Deye software update: Ver 0-6022-1724

02) - Li-BMS Settings

03) - System Grid Charge Settings (time of use tick, time slot grid charge ticked, etc.)

04) - SOC Graph after each load shedding


I have restarted the system a few times, then grid charge will be for 1% and nothing thereafter.

Is there some obvious aspect / setting I am missing?

Thanks in advance for your assistance, as I have tries various videos, online searches until I found this forum.




03_System_Grid_Charge Settings.jpg

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I have the same inverter with the exactly the same problem. Solar charging works beautifully, but as soon as grid charge needs to kick in, shows off grid on main display. Does make a disturbing crank sound from time to time, where the “off grid” display disappears momentarily, then goes back, and doesn’t charge from grid. 

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