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Can i disable Axpert MPPT fans if no solar


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Look I am no expert, but I have often followed a principle.


If it aint broke, dont fix it.


Yes the MPPT fan does what it needs to do, but why would it make a racket? If it switches on, it is doing something that it needs to be doing.


By Racket, do you mean it is noisy whilst working, then maybe best is a fan replacement rather that switching it off. They are cheap. Just don't go buy one and start fiddling inside your inverter yourself, those caps (even if you power down), will send you to mars and back.

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3 hours ago, Lee2 said:

If i disabled the fans would it cause the entire inverter to overheat or is the other remaining fan fine?

There is more to cool than the MPPT; there is the DC-AC converter (full bridge), and the DC-DC converter (MOSFETs, IGBTs, and a buck transistor). These are on two heatsinks placed roughly in front of the two main fans. I can't see how disabling one fan would not cause one of the heatsinks to overheat.

Are you saying that you have two fans, and one is much noisier than the other?

Or just that while two fans running is really bad, one fan running might not be too bad?

Is this a VM model?

You might be able to get away with replacing one or both fans with temperature controlled extra-quiet fans. But there is the issue of the locked fan warnings and errors. I suspect that VM models won't have these locked fan warnings and errors. And VM models are definitely the noisiest, by all reports.

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