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R50.000 - 2nd hand Full Electrical Solar Power 2.5 KW - 3000Kw Sinewave Inverte


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First of all if I'm posting in the wrong place please excuse me.

R50.000 - Full 2nd Hand Solar System Currently Installed.

Or make me an offer... 

Reason I'm selling?, A nasty tree I can do nothing about is casting shade making it very in-efficient to have this system. The system is fully operation and includes EVERYTHING you need except mounting brackets for the panels.

Other than that move it, hook it up and you're good to go!

As one would expect, there is superficial usage wear and tear. The system is working perfectly well and easily generates 2.3 - 2.5kw

It has been installed for approximately 3 years.

  • Infinisolar  - 3000kW 220V - Sinewave inverter
  • 12X SFS 250 WP Panels.
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Well looked after 3 years old, excellent condition:
    8X Trojan T105 225AH @20Hr
    Battery Box Included
  • All Cabling included:
    Hiqh quality Heavy Duty Cables Batteries to Inverter +- 1.5 M from Batteries
    Solar Panel Cables, Plugs and Wiring
    DC Fuses and Breakers for batteries and inverter

NB! Only available as a whole I'm afraid no parts are available individually.

If you are interested please PM me. 

**EFT Only, POP doesn't count. It's only paid when the money shows in my account**














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