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SHOTO Firmware update


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SA is mostly used to analyze data from Inverter and battery, and to manage Inverter settings. It has nothing to do with the battery other than reporting values....

The Shoto S/W should be had from the OEM/Distibuter supplier's www.

Yes, depending on the Shoto batteries, you will need a (possibly) special cable (RS-232) and port on you computer to upload the new Firmware. Check with supplier for documentation/method of exactly how to do it.

Hopefully someone on the forum can help you out with those.

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17 hours ago, Raiden2912 said:

Firstly how do I get my current version from Solar Assistant?

where do I download the software from?

How do I straight pipe if to batteries?

You can do this via RS485A port with a RS485-USB converter using Battery Monitor from Seplos. There's a topic on here exactly how to set up the cable and software, but I'm on my phone so can't find it now... search for "shoto BMS to computer cable" or something like that.

The latest firmware should also come from seplos, but check with your supplier first as you might void your warranty by upgrading.

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