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Which batteries to install?


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Good day all. My solar system is 2 years old and I paid a high price for a software setup mistake. My batteries are shot and need to be replaced.

System consist of the following: 1 x 5KVA Axpert Inverter, 3 x 300W Renesola solar panels and has 4 x 200AHr Vision Batteries (6FM200P-X)... 48V system. 1 x Battery Balancer

Power consumption is low when on full load, about 700W - 1KW. Load consist of lights and power points for 3 rooms.

1. Which is the best batteries to replace the current ones with? Should I go 200AHr again or maybe something smaller

2. Is the Axpert a "Battery killer" as I heard from a salesman of another brand of inverters?

Please assist.

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Hi TT. 

At this stage I am happy with the 900W array. Batteries were back on 100% charged by about midday. Except for weekends and holidays there is just about no load during the day (80-100W). 


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@Ridiq sorry to hear of the batts. If I may ask what went wrong and what is the need for the batts. 

Reason for asking is that others can learn :) .

10 hours ago, Ridiq said:

Is the Axpert a "Battery killer" as I heard from a salesman of another brand of inverters?

@Chris Hobson would be the best authority and the Axperts charging capacity as he is off grid and , as far as I know , his bank lasted the full course. My own bank is still going well after almost 4 years but mine does not work nearly as hard. So imho I dont think that they are , I think is more a question of people not looking after their banks and then pay the price. 

My advice would be to get a "cheap" bank as a backup when the power goes down and run the inverter on SOL mode. You will use a little bit of the batts during dusk and dawn but night time you will be on grid. Unless the power goes out. Day time you will use a mix of batts and panels. 
But that is just the way I would look at it .

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@PaulF007 Hi Paul - 

Software setup mistake - My back to discharge voltage setting was wrong. I did the inverter setup with the Watch Power software and for some silly reason the Back to discharge voltage was set on 54V and not Full. Thus while battery was charging and it reached 54V it went back to battery power rather than staying on grid and fully charging the batteries. It meant that the batteries were never fully charged. Bulk charging were set on 56,4V and Float charging on 54V that was correct for the batteries.

Need for the system is to go off grid with part of my house electricity. Currently the system can handle all the lights for the house (90% Led, 10% Power saving bulbs) and supply electricity to 3 rooms in the house, (lounge and 2 bedrooms). Normal consumption is 400 - 700W in the evenings, float during the day 100 - 120W.


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