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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason

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2 hours ago, maxomill said:

going back to my 2nd prize I can only find IR floodlights at china mall in jhb  . go for about 350  but with a normal cam it should look quite good

Don't know about the ones from the china mall, but the one I got from eBay is very good (pics attached of off and on).


NVR_IP Camera1_NVR_20180504223955_1229071.jpg

NVR_IP Camera1_NVR_20180504224654_1106655.jpg

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On 2018/06/04 at 7:30 PM, Energy said:

Ah still being searching for a more affordable price. You guys have any luck? @maxomill @Mako @SilverNodashi


Check topcctv.co.za. Register as a dealer. Talk to them directly, preferably Montague gardens branch. 

I started out with a Flir unit from a wrecked MBenz, added a video server and it's been detecting criminals for ten years now. Everyone told me it wouldn't last.

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17 minutes ago, Mako said:

Also check out the Starlight range from Dahua if your budget doesn't stretch to thermals.

Thanks very much. I found the star light laser range. Affordable. Thanks

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On 2018/04/02 at 11:58 AM, SilverNodashi said:

I would never buy, or freely acquire a CAT phone again in my life. We brought 6 CAT S50 phones a few years ago and they all broke. My wife's fell off the bed and the screen shattered in a thousand pieces. 2 of them have a broken SIM card slot and the other's also broke their screens. When I contacted support they gave me nothing. Nada. Buggeroll support. Yet my Sony, Huawei and Samsung endure a lot of punishment on a regular basis and don't break like this. 

I have a CAT S60 with FLIR thermal imaging and the phone is quite okay. S60’s inner guts are low-end, but I personally don’t care about having latest CPU, biggest RAM and retina screen.

It survived couple of hard falls, was submerged in 5fts of water, left on direct sun for hours etc. Has a few scratches, but it's still working. The truth is, that these are not made by Caterpillar itself, but it’s a Bullitt group’s product. Therefore, there’s no guarantee of the quality and support you would expect from a CAT excavator, for example. Especially when compared to a lot of Blackberries and Samsungs that I used in the past. So, one CAT model might be good, while other a complete junk.

Thermal imager has a low resolution of 80x60, but it’s perfectly okay for checking wire connections, breakers or any mechanical equipment for overheating. One very bad thing about CAT S60 is, that the Bluetooth connection to the hands-free and to wireless headset has a poor audio quality. Sometimes it literally scrambles the voice. Unlike some other CAT phones, this one does not have wirelles charging, which is sad. But other than that, it’s a good value for money.




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