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Inverters Idling at 50 degrees


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Hi all

So have a bit of a weird 1 that I havent previously encountered and cant find an answer for.

Installed 2 x Axpert Clones at my brothers place (our old inverters) however they've seem to have developed a weird problem.
They idle at 50 degrees.

The system functions purely as a whole house UPS with no solar currently. When discharging or charging, the temps drop right down to 32 degrees and the fans run at low rpm.
However, once fully charged and there is no charging or discharging with low loads of 300-400w per inverter, the temps shoot up to 50 degrees and the fans spin at 100% until they drop to 45 degrees, spin down and temps go back up, rinse and repeat.

All settings seem to be fine but for the life of me, I cant figure out why the temps shoot up at idle and only at idle.


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