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Growatt SPF5000TL-HVM with Shoto sda10-48100


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  • 2 weeks later...

Got this working for someone

If i remember correctly

It was just a question of getting the correct cable made up

ie find the pinout of the growatt  and the pin-out of the pylontech

Edit based on reply you can see i lost the plot , but assume the same applies to shoto so data that follows has been changed to match what i find on shoto


If they speak the same language naturally it will work otherwise not


i would remove all battery cables (to slaves) until you have a connection between inverter and master battery

and then later do slave setup

set all dip switches off (bottom) if having multiple batteries 000000 is master  no idea how slaves need to be set

just that the dip switches respresent 6 bit dial switch



When making up cables mark inverter side and battery side naturally


there is 2 forms of communication RS485 and CAN

the shoto has 3 ports that deal with coms

4 (on layout img) does CAN 

3 does rs485 the right one is the one used to connect to slave batteries (would connect it to the left side on next slave and use the right one to connect to next slave again ie like cascade image attached at the bottom

if coms to inverter has to be rs485 then use the left one to connect to inverter


or 4 CAN if that is what inverter uses


use a cut cable and join wires from appropriate pins and test until you have a working cable


on rs485

The shoto uses pin 1/2 for data rs485 coms and 8 for ground and it seems the growatt uses 1/2 too (not sure on ground)

so try a straight connection from 1-1 and 2-2

If that doesn't work try crossing 1-2 and 2-1 




and on rs232/CAN it uses pin 3/4/5 

5 for ground and 3/4 data

some have a 6pin rj11 and some use a 8pin rj45 connector seems they all use 3/4/5 (salt, just what the 2 manuals i have say)

And growatt uses 3/4/5 too but it has ground on 5

So connect pin3 on battery side  to pin5 on inverter side for ground

and for data

 4 on battery side to 3 on inverter side

And 5 battery side on 4 inverter side

if no success swop the two data lines around ie connect  4-4 and 5-3



There is a few different shotos so not sure if all the same pin-outs


I would make a cable try all the different Li options if no success then alter the cable run through all the options again , too see if one of them matches the shoto

if through all cable variation and settings with no success  , i would just run it in dumb mode 



shoto layout.PNG

shoto cascade.PNG

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cleaned up the post to make more sense(hope i succeeded)
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