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Which Axpert talks to Shoto SDA10-48100?

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Which entry level Axpert or Axpert like off-grid inverter is 100% comms compatible with Shoto SDA10-48100 5.12kWh LiFePO4 batteries?

The battery datasheet lists "Growatt, Goodwe, Victron, Deye, Sofar and more brands to be announced" as compatible inverters but I'm looking to use a more affordable and readily available Axpert for a UPS application without solar.

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As far as I know, the SHOTO protocol is the last one that is yet to be enabled in Voltronic Axpert display firmware. The code is there, it's just not "turned on". My guess is that it's not quite ready yet.

So it looks like you'll have to go the more expensive inverter route for now, unfortunately.

Edit: But I'm not up to speed with the very latest models and firmware, so the situation may have changed in the last year or so, for recent models or older models with recent display firmware.

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