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Hey Everyone,

I had a solar solution installed about 3 or 4 years ago now...

Lightning apparently hit the Axpert 5kVa Inverters and Insurance paid out so now replacing the 2 damaged ones (error 72 after 5 min running). Both Inverters have their own string of 9 X 250w panels.

Installing a Third Inverter with its own set of 9 X 275w panels now too while at it, to increase my daytime load capacity.

Batteries are tired though... I get maybe 5 min out of them :( 8 X 105?aH .. According to Invoice was supposed to be 150aH. But not marked anywhere on batteries, so not sure.

Installation was messy, where All NEutrals from Panels were wound together and taped. One String of panels did not seems to be producing well either... Also got taken for a ride on pricing for the entire lot... was too excited at the time and did not do my homework as I should have... Albeit , things were more expensive 3 or 4 years ago...


So anyway, long saga , short... the new installer is tracing everything and double checking all is well... And I am wanting to double check him :) 

So Hence I found you Guys! Already did some reading this weekend and lots to take in...

I will post questions and concerns in the relevant areas, Thanks All!





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