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Growatt spf5000es bms - Sungod battery 4.8KW


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Hi Guys, 

Newby here,

After following the steps from previous posts regarding BMS comms on the Growatt Invertor,

I am still getting the 04 and 20 communication error on GW invertor, when setting battery to LI, have tried with protocols 01, 02 and 52. At this stage I am using the USE battery and the voltage estimates when a charge is needed.

Does some one have the correct steps to follow in order to get it working? or do I have to change my RJ45 cable?

Let me know

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use a RS485 cable with all 8 wires to eliminate any chance of miscommunication. Connect onto BMS port on Growatt invertor not RS485 port , try using protocol 52, usually works, though it will depend on your battery brand. 

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Without knowing the pinouts of either the RS485 or CAN, you can select whatever battery type you wish, you will never get comms.
What documentation exists for this battery regarding the RS485 and/or CAN ports? Without that stick to voltage control in USE mode.

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