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MUST Inverter (PV18-5048 VHM) Only Floating Problem

Délbio Rodrigues

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Hi, how are you guys? I already looked all over the internet for this problem and I found similar ones but nothing that presented a solution specific to my inverter model. The model is PV18-5048 VHM, the batteries idles at 12,6v each, it's 4 batteries for a 48v inverter. When it starts, there's a bunch of current flowing and then it goes lowering and lowering the current until it reaches 1A and stays at float voltage and nothing I do changes that and I don't know what to do to keep my batteries charged. Can someone help me?

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Hi, Coulomb. I hope you're doing fine! Thank you so much for the reply, I'm really gonna take a look for the instructions.


It's a model from 2020, I'm not sure clone of what brand and model it is. I'll post below the manual if it can somehow share a light to the topic:




Thank you again!

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