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7 x Greenrich batteries in parallel only provide 25kW?


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Hi All,

I have 7 Greenrich batteries on 2 parallel 12kW Sunsynk inverters off grid mode. Every morning the batteries is about +-38%, which according to me is to low. If I look at my stats, I use max 15kW of power a day out of the batteries. Should the SOC not be something like 57% (15kw is 43% of 35kW). For me it looks like 2 batteries are not working, because 15kW is about 60% of 25kW. Am I correct in saying this or what am I missing please?



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My only thoughts go to your Dip switching positions. Are they correctly set? On your Sunsynk battery page what is the ah value that is displayed on he battery settings page. This is getting it's info from the Master Battery BMS. If your dip switches are incorrect then this info will also be incorrect. 

I am not familiar nor do install Greenrich batteries but your Inverters BMS Comms value will point out if the master can see the 6 slaves. Example if these are 100ah or 5kWh batteries then the Total ah value will be 7 x 100ah which is 700ah. 

This data will be displayed on Lithium - Ion battery Comms page. This is the master BMS sending it's comms from all the slaves & sending this to the Inverter. 

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Morning all, thank you for the reply. The system is on the farm at my parents, so I needed to get the photos first. The batteries are connected via the Victron Lynx distributed (This photo was taken during installation).  Here is all the photos:



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