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Solar Assistant maybe compromised

Deon Zeelie

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Can anyone running Solar Assistand please checkthe value the pi is reporting 

On two diffrent installations I started getting values this moring that's totally unrealistic.

battery temp 1000-6000 C

battery A 2000

battery V 3 v

Battery ah 482 On a 135 Ah battery

soc 0.2 %

did reboot the same issues

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3 hours ago, Douw G. Gerber said:

What battery do you have? You have to go set the battery capacity in the battery settings section in the settings tab.



40 minutes ago, mzezman said:

Checked mine and it's reporting values that are within spec and what I expect for time of day and charge/discharge. What version of the software are you running? 


30 minutes ago, zsde said:

Mine Is reporting everything correctly. 
Which Software version are you on? Perhaps you have a bad connection on the cable?


I see your version is newer, I dont see the software update tab on mine

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