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Kodak OG-10 Inverter with 11.2KW REVOV Battery with 2 PV strings of 9 x 550W panels each

Hennie Lange

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The Kodak inverter worked fine and the the screen started flashing on and off, and eventually just switched off. Screen dead.

I could not get it to start again. The Inverter is setup with user defined settings for the Revov 11.2KW battery. It has a 200A fuse isolator on the battery cables between the battery and inverter. Any suggestions as to what can be wrong?

According to the manual it could be that the inverter does not sense the battery supply, ie voltage too low or some other problem.

The battery is fully charged.


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Hi Hennie,

Please check if you are still measuring 48V DC after the fuse from the battery , if yes try and start the inverter with only AC connected to it.

If the screen is still not coming on after checking please contact the Segen Technical team for further assistance.

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