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Assistance with 5kva Synerji


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Hi Guys,


Could you please assist me in helping a friend, he has an off grid system,on a remote farm.

He has a Synerji 5kva,with 9 300w panels,3 in series,connected to 3 in parallel.

The inverter is then connected to 8 205ah batteries,also HA-02 per 4 batteries. 

The issue is that the batteries don't fully charge in one day. And he has to get up at 2-3 in the mornings to start the generator. 

The loads he has are a box deep freezer and a TV in the house. The lights all run from a 12v system that is separate.

I don't know what else to do for him anymore to try and assist

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Sjoe big ask without any data.

I found the Synerji to be a poor clone of the Axpert. According to your information the batteries should EASILY carry the load. The panels should also easily charge the batteries in one day (a sunny one of course).

Give us some battery voltages and production figures from the panels and photographs.


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Hi @Anarchy05,

The Synerji appears to be a re-branded Axpert, so I believe that you can read all the topics and follow the advice related to the Axpert. It comes in both PWM and MPPT versions, it would be important to know which one he has as the advice may differ in certain aspects.

I am going to assume that he has a rebranded version of the AXPERT MKS 5K (MPPT version) with max PV array open circuit voltage of 145Vdc, because the PWM max PV array open circuit voltage is 105Vdc and I think you are exceeding that but some margin already. A 300W panel is "normally" 72 modules, which "normally" has an OCV of around 46Vdc which would mean a current OCV of around 138V for 3 panels in series. This is getting very close to the max allowed for the MPPT and may exceed it in bright and cold winter conditions.

2 hours ago, Anarchy05 said:

The issue is that the batteries don't fully charge in one day.

My 1st and most obvious suggestion would be more panel. The Axpert MKS 5k (which I believe your inverter to be but I may be wrong in which case all my advice may be nonsense!) can handle 12x300W panels. Most people on the forum would recommend that to be configured 2S6P, but considering yours are already configured 3S3P you could go to 3S4P if not keen on the major panel rewire.

Note that 2S6P and 3S4P will give the same amount of power, it is only that the 1st option would give greater safety margin in relation to Max OCV, which I am assuming to be 145V.

My 2nd suggestion would be to confirm the condition of the batteries. This can be quite tricky to do while in operation but the following should give a reasonable indication of any dodgy batteries;

  • Remove the HA-02's for the duration of this test as they will confuse the results (but re-install afterwards because they are a valuable addition to your type of battery bank),
  • Run the system as usual for a couple of days without the HA's,
  • On the 3rd morning when batteries are low and BEFORE starting the generator, measure and record the voltage of each individual battery,
  • The batteries should all be at a similar voltage, any that are very low in relation to the others should be considered suspect and more than likely damaged.

My 3rd suggestion is to confirm that it is actually an Axpert and exactly which model (check out the firmware version which will give a clue), if confirmed to be rebranded Axpert then reflash with @Coulomb and @weber revised firmware which addresses a charging anomaly in Axpert firmware which causes the system to go to float mode much too early. This will cause battery charge current to drop off too soon so that the batteries are unable to fully charge even when panel capacity is available.

Finally I suggest a decent monitoring system such as ICC software from @Manie, because running an off-grid PV system while blind is a very difficult thing to do. If you do go ahead with the ICC software then also add a Victron BMV-702 which will pass proper battery state of charge info to the software and not the useless info delivered by the Axpert.

Good luck. 





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I will only be able to give battery voltages when on the farm which is a good 300+km from me. I will get a bit more info about the inverter and come back to you. Thanks for the speedy info. Where can I look for the firmware? Is that in the downloads section?

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Yes. I have just reflashed my own inverter after reading about the bug. But I would be hesitant to flash his inverter as the fw might be incompatible. Even the setup with the buttons are different. I am going to ask him to go through the settings on his inverter until I can go look at it. But might recommend him getting a victron mppt rather

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3 hours ago, Leonardenzo said:

Error code 77? 

It doesn't seem to be a standard Axpert error code (Synerjis are not quite Axperts though). It might be one of the new, special codes for Pylontech battery BMS communications; I haven't figured out how to find those as yet. There was a table of such codes (from poor memory), and I can't find it now; I thought it was on this forum somewhere.

Sorry I'm not much help.

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22 hours ago, Vissie said:

Has anyone got a user manual on this Synerji 5kVA/5kW 48v Hybrid Plus Inv 80A MPPT

What is error 80?

I don't know. But on an Axpert, this would be "CAN data loss".

Is yours paralleled?

If not, is the equivalent of AC output mode setting (only available when inverter is switched off, in Axperts) set to "single"?

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Hi, We have had numerous issues with these inverters. At a stage we had over 15 sitting in the garage with faults in less than 3 months. At a large cost to us we ended up installing Mecer and Kodak units. Must say that Kodak has not yielded us one return (touch wood). If you can afford it, buy once and get a victron system!! These hybrids end up costing money within a few years for those who are lucky to get a few out of them! 

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