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Deye Inverter Load - Essentials, Non-Essentials and Solar Assistant monitoring


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Hi guys,

I'm very new to solar - my system was installed last week.

From the word go, I bought Solar Assistant for monitoring and Home Assistant for automation via my Sonoff switches.

My CT is installed correctly (thanks to these forums) measuring all electricity at my Main electricity in-feed.

My 3kW geyser is connected on the non-essential loads, but I need to replace my element soon so I can run it properly off solar.

When my automation kicked off tonight to switch on the geyser, the "Load percentage" on Solar Assistant went to 81%.

On the screenshot below, you can see that my non-essentials is on 3267 W and my essentials is on 762 W totaling 4103 W.

I am therefore scared that my inverter will trip if something else goes on and my load going over my 5kW.



I ran to the inverter and saw the following on the LCD.


This tells me that Solar Assistant is not reading the "Load" correctly, but I'm not sure.

My inverter settings is on "Export to CT" but "Limit to Load".


Am I correct in saying that the CT purely measures the Grid input and that the non-essentials are not going through the inverter?

Any insights will be appreciated.

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Perhaps a bit more reading on this forum would have given you the answer that you already know. The non-essential loads are not going through the inverter. Non-essential loads cannot trip the inverter. The inverter will merely inject controlled power into the house and/or grid, guided by the feedback from the CT coil.

I don't think Solar Assistant is inaccurate, it's more the case that the Deye's own screen is not particularly informative. It tells you that the 860W power incoming to the inverter, minus the inverter's own consumption of 74W, leaves you with around 770W for essential loads. But it is not showing the non-essential load. Just my 2c, and I could be wrong.

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Keep the export to CT enabled but untick the Limit to Load. Mine does the same however when the limit to load is un-ticked I see the total house usage being displayed on the inverter screen which matches what Solar Assistant reports on. (Essentials and non-essenetials being displayed). 

Also when you have "limit to load" enabled then any access PV power in day will only supply your essentials, all non-essentials will use ESKOM so have it unticked if you want the non-essentials powered by PV via the CT.


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@LudwigL - Thanks for your inputs. I've been playing around seeing the same thing.

I've created some automations on Home Assistant to switch on my geyser during Sunny days, when I have more than 3kW of PV and my batteries are on 100%.

I'm only pulling 600W off the Grid for my 3,2kW geyser element, but I need to replace the element soon.

I should be able to run a 2kW geyser element fairly effortless 😁

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