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8kW or 5kW Inverters

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HI All. I'm new to this and overwhelmed by information on what to do i apologies if this has been raised before i couldn't find anything.

I don't have a big budget so will be doing things in phases. I can only do 1 x Inverter/ Battery now, Panels will be later phase 2, question is do i go bit extra with 1x 8kW or 5kW and then later get a second 5kW inverter (SynSynk/Deye). Can you add a second (same kind) inverter into 1 system. I will also only go 1x 5kW battery (SunSynk) now then get a second later once cashflow allows. Not sure if this is advisable or rather go 8kW Inv with 2x 5kW batteries.

Thought for 2x 5Kw if they can be linked to one system then if one goes there is still another same with batteries.


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Yes you can add another similarly sized inverter later - same with batteries (same size, chemistry and make)

Depending on your usual loads 5 or 8 will work but you need to determine what is best for you. General wisdom is to go bigger if you can as going with a 5kw in most instances does limit you (initially) and needs closer management

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All would depend what your needs are. I decided on a 8kw for my set up with 2 x 5kwh batteries and 12 x 470 panels. For a family of 4 (3 woman, oi vey) it's enough with some lifestyle changes and has removed me about 95% off the grid. My bro-in law has the 5kw inverter with 1 battery and I have a feeling that he would of liked to go bigger on the inverter side.

Adding an extra 5kw inverter could end up costing you way more than just going with an 8kw from the get go. 

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