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Voltronic Axpert VM IV Twin 6K - Firmware


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Hello Everyone,

in my inverter Voltronic Axpert VM IV  Twin  6K, i have main firware v.56.09 and secondary cpu firmware v.39.06.

Is there a new version available?

Many Thanks for your Help..


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Hi Coulomb,

thank you for your response.

I apologize for not being precise with the model of my inverter. I will also modify the title of the post to avoid confusion.

The model is Axpert VM IV TWIN 6K, could it be the same firmware?

Thank you for the link!


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  • smsteves changed the title to Voltronic Axpert VM IV Twin 6K - Firmware

Hi everyone,

I have this inverter model, Axpert VM IV Twin 6k, which I purchased because according to the specifications, the PV input ranges from 60V to 450V.

Additionally, it has dual output that can be managed based on time and SOC (State of Charge).

I couldn't find any posts or information about it on Google.

Has anyone else installed it?

The firmware currently installed is version 56.09. Do you think I could try upgrading to version 56.11?


Thank you



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